Welcome to Tillers Preschool, where we partner with families to nurture your child's faith, ignite their love for learning, and build a strong foundation for their future success. 

The Tillers Difference

Tillers Preschool, is a Christian Preschool located on the Westside of Cincinnati under the ministry of Revive City Church. At Tillers, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing and high-quality educational environment to our local families.
We love our community! We continue to strive to build relationships through collaboration, support, and service with our local neighbors,  teachers, parents, and students. 
We've made it easier than ever to stay engaged with your child's daily activities, growth, teacher communication, and important school information through the Brightwheel App.
Classroom Experience
Along with highly rated curriculum, we believe in creating a loving environment where all are welcomed,  included, & feel safe to explore  their unique gifts. 
We believe each child is uniquely and wonderfully made. By establishing a foundation of faith we pray that each child feels loved with a sense of belonging and value.